Hey everyone!

I’m still working to get a few of these issues fleshed out before release, but I wanted to get the vehicle towing system out to the test group to see what everyone thought!

I’m also working out the crate/item loading system (should be done by tomorrow), but the towing system should be good to go!

To access the new interaction menu, hold Modifier 1 when pressing your bound interaction key (default F) and you’ll be able to prepare a vehicle for towing.

After you have prepared the vehicle for towing, you can move to the next vehicle and repeat the steps to initiate the towing process.

This new interaction menu should be available for most interactable items. The plan is to give me the ability to add complex interactions to each interactable without adding more input events or conditions.

In the update you’ll also find that seat switching is working (also accessable through the interaction menu), a basic bullet penetration system has been added, and there are a few updates to attachments and FOV for ADS.

I’ve also decided to move the armor loadout menus to the item stores that are located throughout each map.

The idea is to present more dynamic gameplay elements to games that don’t use loadouts. During the game you will earn bounties for each kill, the money earned from each kill can go to purchasing better weapons during the 20 second buy period, or can go to purchasing stat upgrades/armor and other consumables within the store during gameplay.

I am still going to work on getting the armor loadouts setup for pregame/spawn scenarios so you can progress and earn armor.

Tomorrow’s update should have some fixes for the interaction menu, the loading system,

Thank you for all of your support! I couldn’t do this without you!