Hey everyone!

I’m sorry for the delay. I wanted to squeeze in a few more features before getting this update out to you.

The new update includes the towing/loading system in it’s full glory as well as a new interaction menu that allows you to unlock/lock and set a PIN for any vehicle that is purchased from the vehicle store.

Included are a few updates to the store system as well!

I’ve seperated the three types of stores into their own unique objects so now you can find standard item stores, weapon stores and vehicle stores during gameplay.

This should make it a bit easier to determine where you’re going, while making the store list a little shorter for each type so it’s easier to find items.

Included are a lot of bug fixes as well.

Issues that prevented certain objectives from detecting player collisions have been resolved. There shouldn’t be any more issues with planting/defusing the bomb, getting points in KOTH, or any of those other weird issues that were coming up in testing.

The issues with Battle Royale have been resolved, so the game should end properly now and the bug that allowed you to take damage if you were in ragdoll mode or flying within the death circle has been fixed.

There were also a few minor tweaks to the leaning system. Leaning now starts at your hips to make it a bit more realistic and I’ve made another pass on fixing ADS FOV.

I’m also working on a few tricks to improve load times and prevent that frustrating FPS drop when loading into the maps.

You should expect to see some more optimizations and bug fixes in the next release.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Your feedback is what’s going to make this one of the best shooters on the market!