Hey everyone!

I’m going to have to push the Steam release out a bit longer due to some changes that created some nasty FPS drops in the Main Menu.

The issue has been resolved, but Exodus failed the Steam review as the FPS drops created too many issues while navigating the main menu.

For now, the background level for the Main Menu has been removed and the drops have been fixed.

Unfortunately, I will have to resumbit the game for another review which will push the release for at least another five days.

While I’m confident that this next review should yield positive results, I don’t want to say when the release will be.

The game will still be released on other sites, such as







as well as other platforms.

A full list can be found on the games website www.fractuminnovations.com/n0d3-Exodus

Steam is, and will always be, the best platform to experience the online aspects of my PC products so I will be working out the best way to get Steam keys to users who have purchased the game through external platforms.

Thank you all for your continued support!