Fractum Innovations

Game & Application Development

New Worlds

Looking for a way to enjoy your time off?

Enter the Oculus and experience a new reality.

Within the Oculus you’ll find yourself immersed

in non stop action!

Open Source

From Procedural Language Generators and

Automatic Backup Tools, to fully machine learned

intelligence, Fractum Innovations is always working

to design free services to help make the world a better place!


Whether you’re looking to make a video game,

or a fully functional program,

Fractum Innovations is here to support you!

Our consulting service works around the clock to provide our customers

with expert advisors, programmers, and designers to ensure

that you have everything you need to make your project a reality!


Game Development:

Unique Game Modes
Functionally Procedural Environments
Dynamic AI interactions
Cross Platform Adventures
VR/AR Experiences
Unique Role-Playing Adventures                                                                                                         Rewards and challenges

Software Development:

Open source
Machine Learning
Functional Development
Multiple Languages
Easy Integration
Functional Comments
Bug Bounties


Robust Product Planning
AGILE Development
Back-End Design
Website & Interactive
Front-End Design
Robust Documentation
Long-Term Support
Full Product Design

Meet The Team

  • Behron Georgantas

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