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Hey everyone!


I tend to take periodic breaks while developing n0d3::Exodus and work on a smaller project to keep me from getting too locked in to certain aspects of the development process while also keeping me from burning out since n0d3::Exodus is a pretty big project.


During these breaks I’ve been putting together a small fighting game as a throwback to my old Tekken and Mortal Kombat days.


I’ve been playing around with it and decided to release it as a small project!


Check it out here on!


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Hey everyone!

I’m going to have to push the Steam release out a bit longer due to some changes that created some nasty FPS drops in the Main Menu.

The issue has been resolved, but Exodus failed the Steam review as the FPS drops created too many issues while navigating the main menu.

For now, the background level for the Main Menu has been removed and the drops have been fixed.

Unfortunately, I will have to resumbit the game for another review which will push the release for at least another five days.

While I’m confident that this next review should yield positive results, I don’t want to say when the release will be.

The game will still be released on other sites, such as


as well as other platforms.

A full list can be found on the games website

Steam is, and will always be, the best platform to experience the online aspects of my PC products so I will be working out the best way to get Steam keys to users who have purchased the game through external platforms.

Thank you all for your continued support!

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Hey everyone!

I’m sorry for the delay. I wanted to squeeze in a few more features before getting this update out to you.

The new update includes the towing/loading system in it’s full glory as well as a new interaction menu that allows you to unlock/lock and set a PIN for any vehicle that is purchased from the vehicle store.

Included are a few updates to the store system as well!

I’ve seperated the three types of stores into their own unique objects so now you can find standard item stores, weapon stores and vehicle stores during gameplay.

This should make it a bit easier to determine where you’re going, while making the store list a little shorter for each type so it’s easier to find items.

Included are a lot of bug fixes as well.

Issues that prevented certain objectives from detecting player collisions have been resolved. There shouldn’t be any more issues with planting/defusing the bomb, getting points in KOTH, or any of those other weird issues that were coming up in testing.

The issues with Battle Royale have been resolved, so the game should end properly now and the bug that allowed you to take damage if you were in ragdoll mode or flying within the death circle has been fixed.

There were also a few minor tweaks to the leaning system. Leaning now starts at your hips to make it a bit more realistic and I’ve made another pass on fixing ADS FOV.

I’m also working on a few tricks to improve load times and prevent that frustrating FPS drop when loading into the maps.

You should expect to see some more optimizations and bug fixes in the next release.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Your feedback is what’s going to make this one of the best shooters on the market!

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Hey everyone!

I just got the initial support for the n0d3 modkit complete.

The setup will only be distributed to testers with access to source for now so we can make sure everything’s working, but it should be ready to go soon!

I’ve also just finished the loading system as well. After the build and upload is complete I’ll get it out for testing!

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Hey everyone!

I’m still working to get a few of these issues fleshed out before release, but I wanted to get the vehicle towing system out to the test group to see what everyone thought!

I’m also working out the crate/item loading system (should be done by tomorrow), but the towing system should be good to go!

To access the new interaction menu, hold Modifier 1 when pressing your bound interaction key (default F) and you’ll be able to prepare a vehicle for towing.

After you have prepared the vehicle for towing, you can move to the next vehicle and repeat the steps to initiate the towing process.

This new interaction menu should be available for most interactable items. The plan is to give me the ability to add complex interactions to each interactable without adding more input events or conditions.

In the update you’ll also find that seat switching is working (also accessable through the interaction menu), a basic bullet penetration system has been added, and there are a few updates to attachments and FOV for ADS.

I’ve also decided to move the armor loadout menus to the item stores that are located throughout each map.

The idea is to present more dynamic gameplay elements to games that don’t use loadouts. During the game you will earn bounties for each kill, the money earned from each kill can go to purchasing better weapons during the 20 second buy period, or can go to purchasing stat upgrades/armor and other consumables within the store during gameplay.

I am still going to work on getting the armor loadouts setup for pregame/spawn scenarios so you can progress and earn armor.

Tomorrow’s update should have some fixes for the interaction menu, the loading system,

Thank you for all of your support! I couldn’t do this without you!

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Hey everyone! A new update is available contains a few fixes mainly surrounding the 20 second buy period before each round. I also added a FOV change for player ADS to make it a little more realistic. I’m currently working on the vehicle towing and loading system for the 0.6 update as well as some more bug fixes. There were a few issues with the armor loadout so it’s been disabled for now. I plan to have it back before the 0.6 update, but it might get pushed to later depending on issues that come up around launch. Check the Trello for more details!

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Sealand and Arcadia have been added back to the lineup.

Sealand is in the process of being expanded to suit large world game modes, but the small sector that everyone played in testing in back in action!

I am currently resolving an issue with the swimming issue, so testers please be careful around the water as it will automatically kill you until the swimming system has been revamped.

Arcadia has been renamed to Valley as a larger Arcadia map is in development.

Stay tuned for more map updates!

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Hey everyone!

I have decided to delay the project release until the 9th to give me a little more time to touch up some of the maps that are in game and fix a few issues that came up with the upload to steam.

Since you have all been patiently waiting for so long, I have decided to knock $10 off the initial Alpha price and we will still roll out with the initial 15% discount as well.

Thank you all for your patience!

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Exodus 0.5 is ready for action!


With the release I have setup a trello board and a subreddit to help you guys keep track of the updates!


The update is currently in the process of being pushed to Steam for our 10/31 release, but I will soon have it uploaded to the site so you guys can get it directly from the source if you wish!

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