Beasty Bots

Further development on Beasty Bots has been temporarily suspended until other projects have been addressed. Please take this into account when purchasing the product from our store.


  • Party Combat

    • Tired of constantly gathering loot just to die from taking a headshot from 1km away? Beasty Bots is here to offer you a simple, yet rewarding combat system!
  • Simple Complexity

    • While Beasty Bots is intended to be geared toward the casual gamer there are a number of input combos to give you a chance to master the art of being Beasty!
  • Gorgeous Environments

    • Beasty Bots features multiple gorgeous and dynamic environments. From procedurally generated “dungeons” to beautifully dangerous Dyson Spheres, you’re always going to have something nice to look at!