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Hey everyone!


Thank you everyone for being so patient while waiting for the Exodus 0.0.5 build! The build has been delayed largely due to some features I’ve been wanting to implement for awhile, but haven’t had the time to clean up due to other more pressing issues. One of the issues that I wanted to tackle was implementing a GTA style Wanted Level system for a handling the ‘police’ force for the Exodus open world game mode. It can also lead to some features displayed in our possible campaign (let’s hit that fundraiser goal)!

I wanted to release the component to the public to help bring in some more funding to the other projects we are working on while also demonstrating some basic programming techniques that have been making it easier for me to implement new features in our projects!

For those of you trying to make video games, or if you’re looking into getting into the industry yourself, feel free to pick up the plugin on our products page for 25% until October 31st,2018!

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