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Hey everyone!

I just got the initial support for the n0d3 modkit complete.

The setup will only be distributed to testers with access to source for now so we can make sure everything’s working, but it should be ready to go soon!

I’ve also just finished the loading system as well. After the build and upload is complete I’ll get it out for testing!

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Hey everyone! A new update is available contains a few fixes mainly surrounding the 20 second buy period before each round. I also added a FOV change for player ADS to make it a little more realistic. I’m currently working on the vehicle towing and loading system for the 0.6 update as well as some more bug fixes. There were a few issues with the armor loadout so it’s been disabled for now. I plan to have it back before the 0.6 update, but it might get pushed to later depending on issues that come up around launch. Check the Trello for more details!

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Exodus 0.5 is ready for action!


With the release I have setup a trello board and a subreddit to help you guys keep track of the updates!


The update is currently in the process of being pushed to Steam for our 10/31 release, but I will soon have it uploaded to the site so you guys can get it directly from the source if you wish!

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